“The most important function of government is to ensure a safe community. My #1 PRIORITY; fund more police, more training,
community policing and police aid support is our first step.”

– Cynthia D. Borrego


Public Safety

I am committed to ensuring safe, healthy communities for all! Albuquerque needs family sustaining jobs, affordable housing, reliable healthcare, and great schools. Addressing crime must be a multifaceted approach.

  • The legislature needs to address the root causes of crime by investing in mental health and rehabilitation programs that keep criminals off the street.
  • We also must work directly with law enforcement officers to ensure they have the training and equipment they need to effectively patrol our city.

Economy & Infrastructure

Good, stable infrastructure connects us to our families, our friends, our jobs and so much more. As a State Representative I will ensure we get all the funding we need to complete infrastructure projects such as Paseo Del Norte in order to build for the future, our economy depends on it.

  • Collaborate with small businesses and provide incentives that grow our city and state and put our people to work.
  • Continue to rebuild our economy post-covid by diligently using money from the American Rescue Plan to fund apprenticeship training and job-development.
  • Recruit new industries to come to our state and invest in a well-trained workforce.

Cradle to Career Education

You can count on me to fight to keep our kids safe and make up for lost learning from the pandemic. I’lll ensure classroom funding never gets cut when difficult budget decisions have to be made.

  • Expand our educator pipeline through recruitment incentives and student-loan forgiveness.
  • Invest in access to childcare and early education. Create additional literacy and financial literacy programs.
  • Support our next generation with investments in youth sports, community center enhancements, and more outdoor activities. Invest in after-school programs that help our children stay active and busy.


I will always advocate for high-quality and affordable health care, regardless of zip code. Urgent action is needed to address the shortage of healthcare providers, especially for adults and children with special needs.

  • We can recruit additional healthcare professionals to New Mexico and especially rural areas through medical school scholarships.
  • I will always vote to protect those with preexisting conditions and make prescriptions more affordable.
  • I’ll always fight for women’s healthcare rights.